Why Organic?

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organicWe live in a world where everything seems to be instant and easy. Instant coffee, instant noodles, instant millionaire, instant vegetables and a whole lot of other things that makes our lives easier, or so we thought. However, in the case of plants, we like to put artificial fertilizers and insecticides on them to make them grow bigger and faster. But what does this say about our health?

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Installing New Hardwood Floors? Go Tropical!

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hardwoodfloorsAre you adding new hardwood floors throughout your home?  Consider using some environmentally favorable materials from the tropics!

An increasingly popular tropical flooring choice is bamboo.

Bamboo flooring is a growing eco-friendly trend.  Bamboo floors are very durable and stunning to look at.  Some customers assume they’ll need to have that light tint typical of natural bamboo, but that isn’t true. 

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Shop Smart, Ride Smart

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carOur world today is in the brink of collapse, as we can see there have been a lot of improvements but together with these improvements are also the side effects. We may have tall skyscrapers that reached surprising heights but then what happened to our lush, green forests? We have bright and dizzying lights but 50 years from now, where are we going to get our fuel? Transportation has never been better and faster but how is the state of our atmosphere? It’s true that living in today’s world but practicing the traditional way is difficult if not impossible, however, like everything else we can find a compromise.

One of the most needed products is transportation: cars, motorcycles, bus. Cars are very useful since we can go anywhere we want to at any given time but they are also a contributor to the carbon footprint we leave on earth. So if you are planning to buy a car, make sure that they serve your purpose well without being too harmful to the environment.

The brands with the most eco-friendly cars are Toyota, Honda and Ford though there are also cars from Volkswagen and Nissan that are environmentally friendly. Take note that they are not luxury brands so they are efficient and reasonably-priced. Toyota Prius has always been known as an eco-friendly; now with Toyota Prius C they have again improved their car in terms of fuel savings. This car is a hybrid with gas and electric as source of energy, it has the highest miles per gallon rate when driven in the city and it can run up to 25mph on electric source alone. Another car to consider is the Volkswagen Passat TDI, it’s a diesel-run car and a sedan. It is considered the most fuel efficient car that is non hybrid. It’s a sedan but it’s for family use as it has a large space and trunk. Another car from Toyota, the Toyota Prius V, belongs to the top list of green cars. It’s a wagon that uses both electric and gasoline so it is fuel efficient but it also has a very large space, larger than most Prius available.

When shopping, even for cars, do not forget to be smart and think of the environment first. It might be nice to have a Bugatti Veyron in your garage but it’s nicer to think that you are helping the environment for your children’s future.

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